What is RakkiBaika (ラッキーバイカー)?

Well, RakkiBaika (ラッキーバイカー) also known as, The Lucky Biker
is officially RG Racing very first lucky draw contest.



Why RakkiBaika (ラッキーバイカー)?

We want to give back to our loving, existing & soon-to-be-new customer. 

This event's purpose is to unite the motorsport community all across Malaysia and to give our appreciation to everyone

who has stood by us since day one.


Who are the RakkiBaika (ラッキーバイカー)?

YOU are the one my friend!

You have been our greatest customers that always come to us for anything regarding helmets and motorsports' accessories related.

Minimum purchase of any items worth RM100 via online and offline, you will get 1 Lucky Draw ticket 

exclusive at RG Racing Store.


The more you buy, the higher the chances of winning great prizes!




What are the RakkiBaika (ラッキーバイカー) PRIZES?

Lo and behold! Here's are the prizes awaits you!


1st Prize: Yamaha Y15ZR / 2nd Prize: GoPro Hero 9 / 3rd Price: cash voucher worth Rm1000

More mystery prizes to be WON!




Terms & Conditions of RakkiBaika (ラッキーバイカー)?


Here's the terms & conditions in these languages:


1. Bahasa Melayu


2. English


3. Chinese



Get in Touch with Us Now!

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We are happy to provide you with more professional advices & info.


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We can be contacted through customercare@rgracingstore.com or call us at 6016-2422553.

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